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Supreme Court

The Supreme Court thermal plant upgrade project was a monumental project on many levels. Our scope of works included building works, mechanical works, design, commissioning, civil and high-risk works.

As an active Courthouse, all works were completed outside normal working hours; the building was left in a neat and tidy order at the end of each night shift to facilitate the daily use of the building.

The Supreme Court is the highest court within the Western Australian jurisdiction; the building was built at the turn of the Century. As such, any work within this heritage listed complex is a challenge. The challenging HVAC design was well thought out by Lucid Consulting Engineers and put into reality by our installation team. The result was thermally conditioned courtrooms and offices.

The elaborate design and installation included reticulated chilled, and heating water loop from the top floor plant room, connected to the ground floor built-up air handling units, concealed within the spaces not seen for over 50 years! The installation was completed and brought to life by a complex building management system (BMS) skillfully articulated and installed by ICON LOGIC.

Mr. Christopher Paterson of Palassis Architects was particular, fastidious and ensured the overall project was delivered and completed according to plan without so much as a scratch on the building fabric and structure.

The feedback received from all stakeholders associated with the project, and the representatives of the esteemed location was a testament to the complete architectural, design and installation team.