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Mandurah Police Station

The Mandurah Police Station complex installation projects comprised of three (3) stages of works.  All works performed in a busy ‘working’ Police station, a detailed methodology and work program was tested to ensure that all critical areas continued to have air conditioning; this proved to be a success on many levels, the anticipated plant and equipment downtime was kept below the anticipated period.  All works completed on time and within the budget provision allowance.

The original direct expansion (DX) plant, albeit relatively new, had suffered due to poor maintenance, if any at all!

Our scope, as designed and specified by Norman Disney & Young, was to effect a complete change in design and air conditioning functionality. The objective was to improve the conditions within the Police Station and associated complex and achieve a reduced operating energy consumption of 10% target.

The result was better than expected; overall energy consumption over the first twelve-month period realised a saving of 27%; this was achieved while still maintaining the desired, comfortable thermal conditions within the complex.

The ‘new design’ included new air-cooled chiller sets, one being a heat recovery set, new ‘built-up’ air handling units, ventilation fans, BMS system and a thorough Greenstar commissioning process. The installation project included a considerable amount of building and Civil works to facilitate the new equipment.

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HVAC Projects

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Mandurah Police Station

Date :

April 21, 2017

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