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Our Team

Our experienced and highly skilled team is what has enabled us to become an industry leader in Western Australia. With a number of qualifications and extensive industry knowledge, our team of specialist scan provide excellent results in all facets of maintenance, service, monitoring, commissioning, design and installation.

Training and Learning

We believe that an investment in our personnel is an investment for the future. That’s why we provide our employees with a wide range of professional development and training opportunities, including:

  • Monthly technician workshops to share knowledge and discuss safety issues.
  • Safety, vehicle use and product specific training courses.
  • Technician rotation for servicing, maintenance and installation works.
  • Routine assessment on maintenance issues and various AC systems.

We also employ a number of apprentices, ensuring they receive a high standard of supervision and rotation across all tasks.

Our commitment to the development of our team has enabled us to grow our workforce and retain only the highest quality personnel.